About us

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Our company is specialized in distributing high quality food products from the European famous brands. Founded in 1992. with company headquarters in Zagreb, and since then work as an importer and distributor of food products.

As a distributor of food products in Croatia, Ivox provide on the market products of world famous manufacturers which can be find on the shelves of large trading houses, as well as restaurants and catering companies. We are a company specialized for different types of pasta, canned fruit and vegetables, delicatessen and gourmet products.

Our business partners and brands are:


  • Verona
  • Valfrutta
  • Agnesi
  • Stevia misura
  • Pataro
  • Colussi
  • Copaim
  • Crich
  • Riso Eurico
  • Misura
  • Alibert
  • Ponte
  • Roberto






transaction account: 2484008-1100340393
Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.

IBAN:HR14 2484 0082 1000 0392 5
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